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Open Collective
Join us for dinner on Wednesday!
Published on September 6, 2022 by Eileen King

Our hosts and partners at First Church have a long tradition of holding a first-week-of-September community night, to build connections between neighbors as college students settle in. This year, we're excited to collaborate with them on this event, which will include a baked potato bar, homemade lemonade, potted plants to adopt, and more! Find us outside of FCC (500 8th Ave SE, Minneapolis) from 5:30-7pm on Wednesday, 9/7.

All are welcome - neighbors, regular volunteers, social media followers, families, students, housed or unhoused, we'd love to share a meal with you. If you've been a financial supporter but never had a chance to see the kitchen or meet the team, here's a fun opportunity to do both! We'll be thrilled to say hi, answer any questions, and celebrate some recent milestones. Here's a quick update:
  • At some point in the last couple of weeks (not much got written down in 2020), we passed our second birthday. As we plunge into year 3, we're deeply grateful to have a more secure foundation as far as both volunteers and fundraising - thank you to everyone who has contributed time, money, baked goods, or social media sharing!
  • August 2022 marks the first month in which we delivered over 2000 meals. That's mostly thanks to the calendar (there were five Mondays and five Tuesdays this August) - rather than dramatic increases in how much we're cooking, but we have also been able to slowly and steadily scale up over the course of the summer. A lot of that is thanks to our friends at TC Food Justice hooking us up with extra produce from nearby farmers' markets!
  • As of this week, our meal total so far for 2022 is over 12,000. That's twelve thousand times that the pressure of finding a next meal has been taken off someone's plate - we may not be creating huge systemic change, but it's also not nothing. Thank you all for the part you've played in making this possible.
Hope to see you tomorrow!
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