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You're invited to dinner!
Published on August 23, 2023 by Eileen King

Save the date for Community Night! Look forward to a baked potato bar, potted plants to adopt, homemade desserts and meeting your neighbors. Community Night continues First Church’s longstanding tradition of holding a community dinner in the first week of September to build connections as college students settle in. We teamed up with them to co-host last year and we're excited to do it again. Find us outside of First Congregational Church (500 8th Ave SE, Minneapolis) from 5:30-7:30pm on Thursday, 9/7.  

All are welcome: neighbors, regular volunteers, social media followers, families, students, visitors both housed and unhoused - we'd love to share a meal with you. If you've been a financial supporter but never had a chance to see the kitchen or meet the team, here's a fun opportunity to do both! We're thrilled to say hi, answer any questions, and celebrate some recent milestones. 

We’ve got a lot to celebrate!
  • The summer abundance is here and we’re excited to share it! We're delighted to once again receive extra farmers' market produce through our partnership with TC Food Justice.  Join us in sharing by stopping by our free produce table outside the kitchen entrance (through which we've distributed hundreds of pounds of food).  We’d love a hand getting it into meals and added a second Sunday afternoon prep shift. If the 12:30pm start is too early for you, consider joining us for the second shift (3:15pm-5:30pm - more info linked here).
  • As of this week, we’ve served over 14,000 meals. That's fourteen thousand times that the pressure of finding a next meal has been taken off someone's plate. While that isn’t a substitute for the permanent systemic change required, it's also not nothing. Thank you all for the part you've played in making this possible.
  • In the last couple of weeks, we passed our third birthday! Heading into year four, we're deeply grateful to our solid base of volunteers and funding. Thank you to everyone who has contributed time, money, baked goods, bottled water, shares on social media sharing and everything in between!

Hope to see you in September!
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