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CommunityRule is a governance toolkit for great communities

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Monthly financial contribution to CommunityRule (backer)

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Too many of our communities adopt default governance practices that rely on the unchecked authority of founders, admins, or moderators, lacking even basic features of small-scale democracy. The purpose of CommunityRule is to help communities establish appropriate norms for decision-making, stewardship, and culture. CommunityRule has been used by mutual-aid activists, open-source software projects, gamers, cooperatives, and more.

Funds collected here will be used to support development, particularly by resolving Issues on the project's GitLab repo here.

CommunityRule is a project of the Media Enterprise Design Lab at the University of Colorado Boulder, in collaboration with the Metagovernance Project ( Anyone who finds this project useful, or potentially so, is welcome to contribute suggestions, changes, and additions. To contribute to the project, post Issues and Merge Requests to the project on GitLab (see footer for link), or send an email to [email protected]