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Community Protection In the Cost of Living Crisis
Published on November 23, 2022 by Food & Solidarity

 In September this year, we held this event on the cost of living crisis.  Where we discussed debt, the #dontpayuk campaign, and the history of similar campaigns including the poll tax non-payment campaigns and utility strikes in Bolivia and South Africa.
The day also included training on community protection!
Data from Citizen's advice, predict that huge numbers of people are to be put on prepayment metres over this winter, additionally many will fall behind with rent or mortgages. Utility companies are supposed to negotiate with customers that go into debt, offering a repayment plan and so on, but often we know this does not happen. Additionally, we know of people who have had metres force fitted when they should not have.
We are building a group in Newcastle that can help stop this happening – donation to this fund will be spent on training members of the community so that we are able to react fast to protect our members.

We are holding a series of training sessions – so that members of the community know these skills and are able to work together to protect each other – the first is Friday 25th on Zoom @ 7pm sign up here.
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