Open Collective
Open Collective
Final Update on speakers! We look forward to welcoming you!
Published on September 9, 2022 by Elgan

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow! Facebook event is here →
Please share in community groups in and around Newcastle!
Final update on some of the things in the program!
Community action & resistance!
What is the #dontpayuk plan?
What happens is you stop paying your bills?
What can we do as a community?
Don't Pay UK #dontpayuk Enough is Enough UK #EnoughIsEnough

Cost of Living & Debt Community Meeting UPDATE
Hear from Graham from Clean Slate
Demystifying debt!
For many, living with debt is an everyday part of life; however, with the cost of living crisis, others will be managing personal debt for the first time. What is this like? What help is available? What are CCJs, debt management plans, debt relief orders, and bankruptcy?
#dontpayuk @eiecampaign