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P2P Spatial Internet Infrastructure - An ecosystem of powerful tools and technologies, empowering users to manipulate reality as they wish.


Conjure is an attractor by which a set of technologies stewarded by EtherealEngine.Org enable a network of networks to increasingly make effective sense of reality together. Its core feature is a composable and extensible scripting tool, which enables users to embed programs & data inside virtual objects and spaces. 

Users have access to a global repository of all other user's published programs, which they can iterate on to create increasingly advanced tools. This is effectively a reboot of the web & the browser, native to 3d. Websites become webspaces, 2d HTML elements become 3d objects, browsing becomes exploring & platforms become experiences.
With new models of post-scarcity economics & carefully designed psychologically safe collaborative spaces, technology no longer becomes fatiguing and extractive, but harmoniously integrates with the things that truly matter to the joy, freedom & growth of all life.

An aesthetic of magick helps bridge the gap between how we interact with non-virtual objects and how we interact with virtual objects. (though if you prefer another theme, you have full access to customize everything to your liking!)

Enchantments provide a natural interface to the virtual world with the use of equipping scripts to certain tools or actions (imagine the force from Star Wars, magic wands from Harry Potter, Spells from Doctor Strange, or whatever else you can dream up!)

Conjure challenges many of the popular narratives about various emerging technologies with a vision that is hopeful & human. As augmented reality is just out of reach, much work is needed to develop firm soil from which the digital augmentation layer of the planet will grow.

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