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The ContinualAI community is an official non-profit research organization with the goal of connecting people and working better together on a topic we consider fundamental for the future of AI: Continual Learning. We are currently working on three completely open-source collaborative projects:

  • Continual AI Website/Wiki: a central Hub of information for Continual Learning and AI.
  • Continual AI Colab: a number of notebooks and scripts (for demo, showcasing & tutorials) which can be directly imported in Google Colab and are related to Continual Learning.
  • Continual AI Avalanche: a comprehensive framework for Continual Learning Research. It aims at unifying a set of popular CL baselines, environments and benchmarks to help algorithm prototyping and experiment, with flexibility, reproducibility, efficiency and maintainability in mind. Avalanche will be based on three main modules: datasets/environments, CL baselines and evaluation metrics/protocols.

We are always happy to add new members and get some help with our projects or simply discuss about about CL, so join us today on slack:

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