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Please help us raise funds to support our comrade Ash, who is facing a series of court cases.


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Please help us raise funds to support our comrade, Ash, who is on trial in Glasgow from 20th November for taking action in solidarity with Palestine. We need help with travel, accommodation, food and other related costs for trial.

In 2022 our comrade, Ash Jackson, took part in an action to shut down operations of arms company -  Thales’ factory in South Glasgow. Thales’ business enables warfare and repression – the company produces missiles, drones and surveillance technology. Of particular note is the Watchkeeper drone project developed by Thales and an Israeli weapons company called Elbit Systems. 

Thales is one of the world’s largest arms companies, producing tech such as military drones, armoured vehicles and missile systems. In particular, The Watchkeeper project seeks to further the policing and surveillance of captive populations belonging to the nations of Iraq, Palestine and Afghanistan. Ash and other activists took action against Thales due to their commitment to the cause of Palestine solidarity and international solidarity with all those affected by the use of these weapons and surveillance technology. They are passionate advocates for the Palestinian cause and have been for many years. We feel it is particularly important to defend their actions now, in light of recent developments in Gaza, when the British public will be taking more and more action in support of Palestine.

Ash has also been involved in numerous other actions for which they have been charged for including Birmingham and Stafford.

Ash is now due to stand trial for their part in the action. We are starting this fundraiser, in part, due to the costs associated with travel, accommodation and associated loss of earnings from the trial. We also hope to recoup costs of others supporting Ash where possible and other costs incurred by the experience.

Please give whatever you can and thank you so much in advance! 

Solidarity and love to all those affected by repression and state violence.

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Sorry for the delay in updates. Sadly, Ash was found guilty of one count of "Malicious Mischief" from the Glasgow Thales case. Their sentencing is happening Tuesday 23th January 2024 in Glasgow again (next Tuesday as of writing). We will us...
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£556.31 raised and first transfer out

Hi folks, thanks for you amazing donations. I cannot tell you how much this means to all of us. We are now doing the first transfer out to a cash card for the crew to use in Glasgow. They've already bought coach tickets so will reimburse th...
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