Corejam has been archived.

Corejam has been archived and is no longer active.


A scaffolding for building progressive GraphQL powered jamstack applications.

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€19.15 EUR



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Corejam is a serverless first jamstack scaffolding focused on reusability and simplicity. Use it on its own or inside your favourite tool of choice.

At its base, Corejam will provide the following tools:

  • A GraphQL endpoint which you can feed your schema(s) to quickly start querying / resolving against
  • Plugin Mapper to easily allow third party developers to build new functionality or fully fledged serverless systems with ease
  • Caching layer
  • Server side render & Static site generation
  • Bootstrapped web components to allow you to query your GraphQL endpoint and start building right away
  • An event system to allow you to hook into and listen to events across the system
  • A visual canvas to allow you to drag and drop web components from the web into the page you are building

Our team

Matthias von ...