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Community Programming, Youth Initiatives, Local Artist Support and Fundraising in NYC

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CORPUS Family is raising an urgent call for financial stability and sponsorship in efforts of mature base building and hub-stabilization to effectively carry out duties and initiatives that directly serve our community and members. We are i...
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Published on February 3, 2023 by Naya Samuel


CORPUS Family is the intervention apparatus & incubator of the artist-run music platform-label CORPUS. Our agendas are centralized in self-defense, direct action, youth advocacy, collective study and political education. We are motivated by an upkeep of a common struggle and fight for, and by, the people in order to build a conducting hub for strategy and actionable steps against imperialism. We are an arrival zone where the creative message of CORPUS, nurtured by the history of the underbellied subcultures of New York City, can be transmuted into operations for our freedom. 

Living on the occupied land of Turtle Island and under the oppressive and infantilizing operation of Capitalism-Imperialism our structure seeks to disrupt those existing socialist conventions. We employ methods under a non-hierarchical consensus basis, while maintaining the importance of strong and self-determined  leadership and organization. Our decision-making mechanisms are built through an intra-organizational leadership committee and its associated limbs per the precision of differentiated engagements. We are continuously developing our own processes to make decisions and amplify marginalized voices in New York City and beyond. 

CORPUS Family is concerned with fighting back against the corrupt privatization of New York City through people-power initiatives such as the Blissville Winter Coat Drive, CORPUS Self-Defense, CORPUS Family Studio Residency, coalition support for the Black Alliance for Just Immigration, Burning World Book Club, the CORPUS Family Mutual Aid Fund, organized actions like “Uprising, A March for Black Women,” and more.

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