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Progress — Not Perfection
Published on March 26, 2022 by Katy (Fetters) Gaastra

Hi everyone — our generous contributors, donors, new visitors and friends of CPstrong....

As you might've noticed, we took a long pause during the pandemic. It feels okay to be honest here — sharing stories, raising funds and getting together during the pandemic didn't feel like a priority; but now, exactly two years later and equipped with grant funds from Arc'Teryx, we're ready to revisit our goals and move forward with our plans to host our next CP Social in the summer of 2022 and expand our reach through mini-meetups and merch production. 

We took a long pause — we all did. And we can't really hit the reset button. We lived through those two years. We lost people we know and love to this devastating virus. We lost our jobs. We lost a sense of stability. We all did. 

Things aren't really all the same anymore but I do feel like we're gaining forward momentum. So I'm going harness this optimism and hope and strive for progress, not perfection. I'll check in when I'm able. I'll do everything I can to follow through, even if it takes me a little extra time. Disability has taught me that everything happens a little bit more slowly. Internalized ableism tries to convince me I'm moving too slow. But I'm learning to be comfortable at my own pace — in everything I do. 

I hope you understand and I thank you in advance for your patience. 

We are #CPstrong.