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Proposed Annual Budget - 2022 Updates
Published on March 5, 2020 by Katy (Fetters) Gaastra

This budget has been adjusted for 2022. With an annual proposed budget of $10,000, here is an estimated breakdown of anticipated costs:

1) CP Social
2020 2022: $2,000+ per regional annual event
  • Event space & service fees (varies)
  • Catering ($800 for ~50 attendees)
  • Printing & promotional materials ($100-$200)
  • Host travel from PDX ($200-300)
** Spring 2022 Update: Received $1,800 grant from Arc'Teryx to host out 2nd CP Social: Outdoor Edition. Currently planning to share more leading up to summer event. 

2) Quarterly Mini-Meetups: up to $700 each ($2,800)
  • Light catering ($300)
  • Printing/promotional materials ($100-$200)
  • Host travel from DEN/PDX ($200-300)
** 2022 Update: Will only pursue this budget allocation after annual CP Social is established with greater ease. 

3) Merchandise Production Expansion: $2,000 upfront
  • 2019 cost: 72 graphic tees ($732)
  • 2019 cost: 500 stickers 4.25" x 0.75" ($143)
** 2022 Update: Our community is eager to have the ability to purchase more stickers & apparel. Forthcoming drop-shipping storefront on will reduce up-front proposed costs.  

We purchased P.O. Box to maintain personal privacy & mailing supplies to send out remaining #CPstrong stickers (~100 individual domestic & int'l mailings) to community members to generate interest in future branded products. Any profits of product sales will funnel back into this collective to support higher funding priorities.

4) Online Presence Maintenance: $203.74
  • $9.99/mo ($119.88/yr) for Adobe Spark for Graphic Design
  • $47.88/yr for Website Hosting Fee
  • $35.98/yr for Website Domain Name Registration Fee
** 2022 Update: Will expense annual website hosting & domain name fees in 2022 if funds left over from CP Social 2022.

= $7,003.74

5) Administrative Fee: $250/month - responsibilities include:
  • Community management for all CPstrong social media channels and website maintenance
  • Open Collective platform management (all online & offline fundraising efforts, posting updates, submitting expenses, etc.)
  • Content creation and consultation for global awareness efforts (World CP Day & CP Awareness Month) collaborations, guest blogs, interviews, and other public engagement opportunities to highlight our community organization
  • Apparel design & ordering of merchandise. Facilitating pre-order & sales of product.
  • Writing and developing grant proposals and applications for funding from organizations like Cerebral Palsy Alliance, Ford Foundation, The Awesome Project, and Ben & Jerry's Foundation
  • Event planning and coordination for annual CP Social and mini meet-ups, including but not limited to: the development of surveys for community feedback and engagement, writing emails to community subscribers, building registration and attendee list, scouting accessible locations, agenda & discussion guide planning, ordering catering, and hosting/MCing event & sending post-event survey to attendees.
**2022 Update: Will only expense admin fee when higher funding priorities are met.

= $10,0003.74

Should we exceed our goal, this budget will be re-evaluated based on the success of current funding priorities. As CPstrong grows, the amount of time and resources it takes to facilitate this organization may grow as well. It is Katy's objective to operate Cerebral Palsy Strong to the fullest extent, eventually with a team of 2-3 others by her side. 

This means, pending availability of funds, she will be compensated with a part-time (and later, a full-time salary) so that she can dedicate her time and energy to our cause to the best of her ability. This cost will remain undefined until we exceed our annual proposed budget.