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I'm starting a business that helps people fix their credit and manage their debts.


This is a project that will be able to help thousands of people get out of debt and stay out. It utilizes crypto mining to offer a free-of-charge service to those who sign up. The way it works is my company will finance a loan for the mining equipment, and depending on what plan the customer chooses, we will either run the mining equipment entirely or send them a device that they need to connect on their end in order to autonomously mine from their location. Once the earnings come in from these miners, we will use the money to pay back their loans, create a savings account for them, and report it to the credit agencies that they made on-time payments. We take our share of the profits, and once the mining rigs are paid off, they can either let us manage the mining and take a smaller cut from the fees, allowing them a decent % of the profits from the mining or they can opt into a credit builder loan scenario that essentially continues to build their savings and give them on-time credit payments. 

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