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About the Federated Auth Network (FAN)

The Challenge of Digital Identity

In our interconnected digital world, the control and ownership of personal identity have increasingly fallen into the hands of a few large tech corporations. This centralization poses significant privacy risks and challenges to autonomy. Users often find themselves navigating a maze of platforms, each demanding access to their personal data, leading to a fragmented and insecure digital identity landscape. The Federated Auth Network (FAN) confronts this challenge head-on, aiming to return control and sovereignty of digital identities to individuals. By doing so, FAN opens the door to a future where digital interactions are built on trust, respect, and true user empowerment.

A Revolutionary Solution: Sovereign PassKeys

FAN's solution is elegantly simple yet revolutionary. It introduces Sovereign PassKeys, a self-sovereign, key-based authentication system that places identity control firmly in users' hands. These PassKeys act as digital identities, allowing seamless movement across platforms without surrendering privacy or control. Unlike traditional systems, FAN's approach decentralizes identity management, enabling users to maintain their digital sovereignty. This framework is not just a standalone solution; it's the foundation for a broader ecosystem of privacy-focused, agent-centric applications and collaborations, shaping a future where digital autonomy is the norm, not the exception.

Who Benefits from FAN? 

FAN is designed to benefit a diverse array of users who value digital sovereignty and privacy. This includes:

  • Individual Internet Users: People seeking control over their digital identities and personal data, wishing to navigate the online world securely.
  • Tech Developers and Innovators: Those creating apps and platforms within the collaborative technology space and the global regen movement, who require a reliable and agent-centric identity management and authentication system.
  • Pro-Social + Pro-Planet Communities: Groups advocating for decentralized governance and cooperative models in digital spaces, who see value in shared, secure identity protocols.
  • Organizations and Enterprises: Businesses and non-profits looking to adopt privacy-focused identity management solutions while fostering user trust.

By providing a basis for sovereign generative identity, FAN serves everyone who strives to create a future of flourishing for all life on Earth.

Support the 🪭 Mission! 

Milestones and Future Horizons

The development of the Federated Auth Network (FAN) has reached a pivotal point with the near completion of its integration with GreenCheck. This integration marks a significant advancement in our project, offering robust proof of humanity through social validation.

So far, our achievements include the launch of an Identity Manager app for Android and a simple web app, demonstrating the practical application of our key-based authentication system. The next phase involves the finalization and deployment of a FAN-compliant Identity Manager app for iOS users, expanding our reach and inclusivity, and supporting broad adoption of FAN among the platforms and members of the Collaborative Technology Alliance, and beyond that the Fediverse.

Looking ahead, our longer-term objectives are centered around broadening FAN's integration within various platforms and communities in the Pro-Social and Pro-Planet technology space, solidifying its role as a fundamental tool in the landscape of digital identity and privacy. This expansion aims to empower users with unparalleled control and security over their digital identities and data, fostering digital communities grounded in trust and cooperative governance. 

Join the 🪭 Movement!

Liberate the Intelligence of your Collective! 

Join us in revolutionizing digital identity and community governance for planetary flourishing. Consensual Ventures, together with our partners, is on a mission to create a world where digital autonomy is the norm. To achieve this, we need your support. Our goal for 2024 is to raise $280,000, a crucial part of a larger $28M Ecosystem Raise with our close partners. This funding is vital for paying living wages to our dedicated developers, community managers, and project leaders. Every contribution, big or small, brings us closer to a future where digital interactions are secure, sovereign, and user-centric. Support FAN today and be a part of this transformative journey.

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Our Collaborative Team

The Federated Auth Network (FAN) is spearheaded by Consensual Ventures, leading a coalition of innovative partners dedicated to reshaping the landscape of digital identity and collaboration. Our alliance includes NooNAO, Terran Collective, Social Systems Labs, Catalist Network, and other members of the Collaborative Technology Alliance. This diverse team brings together a wealth of expertise in decentralized technology, social systems, and collaborative networks. Each partner contributes unique insights and capabilities, driving FAN towards our vision of a more connected, autonomous, and user-empowered digital world.


But wait, how exactly is FAN "federated"?

As some have pointed out, the Federated Auth Network may not be federated in the traditional sense, but there will be emergent federative properties in the network that might be better described as swarming or murmurating. Anyway, backronyms happen, so here we are. 

Okay, but what's the TL;DR on FAN?

It is a self-sovereign key-based authentication protocol for which we now have an android app and a demo (we're working on iOS next). The idea is to change the gradient so it is easier for people to move from tool to tool while maintaining continuity, context, and control of their own data. We consider identity to be the foundational layer in a collective wisdom stack that will help us meet and metabolize the metacrisis and thread the narrow way to planetary flourishing.

Awesome! Where do I sign up?

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