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Been a while
Published on December 30, 2020 by Grey Cohen

Cypurr 2021

No, it's not a cyberpunk video game...'s us in the coming year! I know we've been mainly quiet on here for the past year, i guess w needed a break! But we're coming back this year with a whole schedule full of events to be announced soon. We hope that as things start getting back to "normal" we'll start bringing back some of our other fave Cypurr events too!

In the meantime, while we got some compensation with the programming we put on atm, we appreciate donations to help us grow this project, and making more ways to make cybersecurity education friendly and accessible. We also got a ton of tshirts we wanna get rid of so your donation of $25 will get you a classic Cypurr T!

For any questions/thoughts, always feel free to reach out at [email protected]