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Cypurr Update - Dec 2022
Published on December 8, 2022 by Grey Cohen

Hello all!
Long time no update, so here are a few things we got going on:
  1. Our next online event is THIS SATURDAY, 12/10 at 2 PM! The theme is Workplace Surveillance, and we will be discussing different types of workplace surveillance, as well as origins of this tech and what you can do to push back against it! RSVP at the link below:
  2. 2022 has been a quieter year for us, but we hope to start doing some regular events in 2023! Stay tuned for updates on that and the date for our next SecuriTea event!
  3. Finally, we want to thank everyone who supports our work both monetarily and non-monetarily (emotionally, logistically etc.), but this message is for our donors:
First, thank you so much for your contributions and your consistent support of our project! If you've had an eye on a perk that we have not sent to you yet, please let us know and we would be more than happy to fulfill it! 

Second, after some internal discussion, due to limits of our capacity and our ability to put on consistent workshops at the moment, we have decided that our organization is not currently in need of funds. We super appreciate your support of our work, and your donations have helped us address administrative fees and logistical expense that come up when running a group like this. But at this time we do not feel comfortable taking funds at a time when we cannot have consistent recurring events, and we will be asking our monthly donors to cancel their subscriptions. Open Collective does not allow us to cancel memberships, so the decision is ultimately up to you if you want to end your donations. Our goal here is not to tell you what you should do with your donations, but to be transparent about the inner-workings of our org, so that you can make the best decision on what you want to do with your funds.

Please send us any questions/thoughts you might have on this at [email protected]

Thanks everyone and have a safe end-of-year and a Happy New Year!

-Cypurr folks