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DatDot Economics - A First Proposal

Over the past several weeks, the team has continued to work hard on many components for DatDot - before we get into the meat of this post, I will attempt to summarize what the team has been working on: Adding additional factors for our matc...
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Published on January 22, 2021 by Nina Breznik


Autonomous hosting network for p2p data systems
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DatDot is a Distributed (peer-to-peer ) Hosting Network.

Dynamic datasets with immutable history - due to their P2P nature it's hard to have guarantees about their availability. If we want to keep data available and up to date -> we have to keep our computer running or we have to rent a server.

Challenges: What if you want other people to help you host your data?

  • what incentives do they have?
  • how to find them and to trust them?
  • how to verify they are seeding your data?
Solution: A bridge between Dat Protocol and Substrate with a built-in incentive model which manages relationships between:

  • dat creators/publishers
  • dat hosters (who keep data available/host the data

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