Open Collective
Open Collective

David Sarabia

Founder / CEO of and Recoverly


Why did I start Recoverly?
When the Ukraine war started, I was on vacation in Mexico and decided to immediately fly to Ukraine to help my teammates, friends and their families. Upon arriving, I saw the inefficiencies of large NGOs and merged small, high impact efforts from private groups to quickly serve refugees and the Ukrainian people. Recoverly was born, with a mission to empowering people to heal, reintegrate and thrive after human crisis.

About me
Founder and CEO of inRecovery. Started coding @ 8yo thanks to bullying šŸ¤“ First exit @ 25yo to Insight Partners, now at $950M valuationšŸ¤˜Later fell to drug addiction, went to rehab and found true purpose. inRecovery is transforming the addiction care and mental health industry, merging tech and human touch to personalized and make care as unique as the individual.

Mental health, social reintegration, software engineering, design, and building companiesĀ 

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