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NLP support to the PeARS project

We develop NLP tools for PeARS, a decentralised Web search engine.


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PeARS is a free search engine that you can run locally from your browser, or from your own server. It allows you to ‘index’ pages (i.e. to produce a computer-readable representation of the pages’ content, essential to the search process), and to search pages that you or your friends have indexed. In a local setting, search happens entirely on your machine, meaning that no one knows what you are searching and when. In a decentralised setting, you and your friends can get together to maintain an search engine that you have entire control over.

Possible Worlds Research develops the Natural Language Processing tools that allow PeARS to provide the best possible search results on entry-level hardware. Just so that everybody can manage their own Web search instance, regardless of resources.

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