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We're a Denver based tech community focused on helping each other find jobs, solve problems, make friends, and so much more.


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12:00 AM-03:00 AM UTC
Join us at Flatiron School for a night of Open Source fun.

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Year end "What's Update"

What did you accomplish during 2022? How did you use money? This year we shifted over to Discord and saw some pretty solid growth & success with that change. Most users came to that new space, and we're seeing regular...
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Published on December 21, 2022 by Dan Hannigan

Moving to Discord

It's been an exciting year for all of us. There's been lots of change, growth, and uncertainty about the future. Our little community, Denver Devs, has continued to weather these changes and this uncertainty. As we inch closer to 2022, we'v...
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Published on November 26, 2021 by Dan Hannigan


We have a large Slack community that we've been running for years now - that's steadily grown to 8000+ members. We have channels for help topics, diversity, interests like food and games, and more. We also act as a hub for meetups and groups to converse and connect out with others. Additionally we have a gigs channel that has helped connect job seekers/recruiters and others to employ members of our community.

While costs have been minimal intentionally (and all coming out of one persons pocket) we feel limited by finances to:

  • Expand our tech & features: Job Boards, Meetup calendars, and more.
  • Purchase swag for members: t-shirts, stickers, so on.
  • Fund special events: Yearly community get-togethers, our own meetups (Board Game Meetup, Book Club), or even chipping in to local events.

Any contribution helps us offset some of the costs we already incur and supports us to do more within the community.

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