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DIA Design Guild LLC is a human-centered service design collective that is committed to providing at least 50% of our time working with nonprofits who provide social, economic and environmental good to their communities.


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LA DIA Design provides a safe environment for new professionals to practice how to design digital experiences around diverse cultures and ideologies. We work with non-profits, education and government agencies to further their impact.

We harness the talents of new professionals to help non-profits, education, and government agencies create digital experiences around diverse cultures and ideologies. We’re a small group of 12 volunteers and growing.


DIA stands for diversity, inclusion and accessibility. Many design projects don't have the time to design with intention and inclusion, but that's our focus and the foundation for which we operate. Our L.A environment provides the best training ground to design for diversity and accessibility.

Who is LA DIA for?

LA DIA is for anyone who wants to become more involved in their community, and who wants to help others do the same. LA DIA is for people who are transitioning to UX and building up their confidence with design-thinking methodologies.

What does LA DIA do?

We do a lot of different things. We’re a community. We work together to understand and help our clients gain a better understanding of the issues facing their communities. We’re designers and technologists.

As UX professionals, we leverage our experience and expertise in technology to boost and facilitate community building. We help others discover and understand different user groups within their community so that they can better communicate and align their organization’s mission.

Some projects we’ll be working on include:

  • User studies on event organizing used by global and local volunteers for World IA Day
  • Findability studies to improve or enhance the user experience of ethnic food shopping.
  • User studies on underserved communities in Los Angeles for increasing breast cancer awareness

What sort of organizations does LA DIA support?

We are committed to working with those who provide social, economic and environmental good to their communities. Community organizations, libraries, schools and universities, non-profit organizations and government agencies are some groups we would like to work with.

Is LA DIA affiliated with any organizations?

We are not. Some of our members have organized events for the IA Summit, World IA Day, Interaction Design Association (IxDA), ARMA and the Association for Information Studies & Technology (ASIS&T) in the past, but LA DIA Design is not affiliated with any organization.

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Geno Sanchez

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