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8/17 W9 bot

The total amount of the expenses that you have submitted this year to this host exceeds $600. To comply with the IRS, we need you to send us by email one of the following tax forms:

W9 if you are a US person (a US citizen or US resident or a US incorporated entity)
W-8BEN(for individuals) or W-8BEN-E(for companies) who are not a US person.
More info on our wiki.

Note: if your expenses are reimbursements not invoices, please disregard this message.

8/17 Ricky Casey

These are reimbursements for travel related expenses. Is there any follow up necessary? I can give you a copy of my credit card bill which has the itemized expenses if you need more documentation.

8/17 Ricky Casey

Nevermind, I found my receipts and added a picture of them to the expense.