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dj-stripe has been archived.

dj-stripe has been archived and is no longer active.


We maintain, administer, and contribute to dj-stripe to ensure developers can quickly and easily stand up Stripe-powered services using Django. Please use GitHub sponsors ( if you're considering a sponsorship.


dj-stripe is all of us

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April 2024 maintenance

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-$1,821.62 USD
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-$3,000.00 USD
Invoice #192750
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$120,611.34 USD

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$120,611.34 USD

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$25,323.19 USD


Dj-Stripe makes integrating Stripe into Django a breeze. Your support makes it even easier!

Thank you for considering a dj-stripe sponsorship! We've been bringing dj-stripe to the world since 2014 and are excited to be able to start dedicating some real resources to the project.

Your sponsorship helps us keep a team of maintainers actively working to improve dj-stripe and ensure it stays up-to-date with the latest Stripe changes. If you're using dj-stripe in a commercial capacity and have the ability to start a sponsorship, we'd greatly appreciate the contribution. Silver and Gold sponsors get additional support benefits.

Looking for paid developer help?

We offer developer assistance contracts! Reach out at [email protected] to schedule a call.