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We believe in Meritocracy, and that every single human being is a Decision Maker within our Democratic systems, regardless of nationality or any other arbitrary border. And we seek to provide decentralized tools to empower ALL of US.


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DMT initiative is all of us

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Amadhi Obræ

Liquid Sovereign Democracy enthusiast


The Decision Maker Technologies initiative (formerly know as Decentralized Meritocratic Tech...) is a Costa Rican collective focused on developing Crowdsourced Technological Tools and Data-Based Solutions to assist and empower our local governments and their citizens in their Open Communication and Collaboration, as well as Feedback Processing, Public Data Visualization, and Institutional Intelligence.

We operate under a "Trinary" structure:

- Psychosocial Data Science [Research]
- Open-Source Governance [Development]
- SociaLabs Incubator [Project Management]

Inspired by other initiatives such as Democracy Earth and Open Collective, alongside the concepts of Universal Basic Access and Liquid Sovereign Democracy, we began by troubleshooting the local economic, and legislative infrastructures and their relation to the massive governmental stagnation experienced in Costa Rica and many other countries in the region (and around the world).

To this day we have identified and studied issues ranging from legislative bottlenecks and incredibly overdue constitutional amendments, to even more critical systemic failures affecting our political parties, congress accountability, voting access, and overall delegation of citizen sovereignty.

In early 2021 we partnered with The Democracy Lab, a local NGO focused on systemic troubleshooting of our democratic systems, and we're currently working together with our Congress' Citizen Participation Dept. to address the constant, belligerent citizen feedback regarding our government and its many areas of improvement, by developing digital platforms aimed at providing more open, secure and transparent tools for decentralized political control, parallel voting, and public consensus visualization.

                                     "Excessive Centralization of Power leads to Systemic Stagnation"

Join our efforts to Decentralize and Redistribute Power to the People, so we can create a new Collaborative, more Human System free from the bureaucracy, poverty, and stagnation of the current, aging power structures.  

¡Pura Vida!

Amadhi Obræ
DMTi Founder

Our team

Amadhi Obræ

Liquid Sovereign Democracy enthusiast