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Open Collective



Provide supplies for safer drug consumption on the streets of New York City


We have weekly outreach in the Lower East side, we currently give out the following supplies:
- Safer Injection Kits
- Safer smoking Kits (meth & crack)
- Hygiene kits
- Fentanyl test kits
- Abcess kits

We would like to expand the frequency, area, and types of supplies provided.

Supplies we would like to regularly provide:
- Underwear (shirts, boxers, socks)
- First aid kits
- Hot weather kit (electrolytes, water, sunscreen)
- Cold weather kit (beanie, gloves, wool socks, hot hands pack, thermos)
- Food (hummus/veggie wraps, protein bars)

 Areas we would like to expand to:
- west side of downtown manhattan (below 14th street)
- midtown
- bushwick/bedstuy border (myrtle broadway zone, we used to cover this last year, but lost some availability from volunteers)
- downtown brooklyn
- central/east harlem
- south/east bronx
- staten island

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