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A season of hackathons
Published on August 18, 2020 by loleg

Since the last update, we have been busy. Swept up in the pandemic like the rest of the world, our community did our best to make hackathons a meeting point for data activists and concerned citizens. Some plans got pushed forward, in hopes of healthier times, some org-teams went fully virtual. Events produced with Dribdat since the last update included:

Through each of these, attention, support and resources have flown into the project. Thank you in particular to IPDET and the organizing team led by Jeremias Wyss for their contribution, feedback and engagement. Massive thanks to Statistik Kt. Zürich for engaging the Swiss open data community in unprecedented efforts in organized data collections, and their direct contributions to the platform. Thanks go kindly to everyone in the and ONIA associations for their continued enthusiasm and vision for this project.

Here are some of the latest changes to the code base:

  • Progress reports happen in a separate form (pictured above), with short texts inspired by social networking
  • Added support for OAuth 2.0 via Flask Dance, allowing users to log in through Slack or other platforms
  • Various web analytics platforms can be configured and used site wide, usability of project pages improved
  • Refresh of Dridbot, the open source and multi-platform chatbot which interfaces with the API

One more thing. In April, we helped to run VersusVirus, a mega-event with over 5'000 participants, where Dribdat was a key reference point for developing the team-building process and online platform. We helped to bring this event to Canada and again in Switzerland in May, learning and tweaking along the way. More on this soon. In the meantime, there's a busy fall ahead, with big plans for this project!

If you would like to contribute to the code, please take a look at the open issues and follow @dribdat for updates. There are design discussions where you can drop in and share your opinion. You can of course contact us for help setting up Dribdat for your event, or come to one of our upcoming hackathons. Last but not least: every bit of financial contribution will go towards enabling 100% open source work and put you in our list of valued contributors on our OpenCollective.

Stay tuned.