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Founder of an independent studio in Bern, Switzerland, Oleg Lavrovsky (@loleg) works on application development, data science support and usability engineering, community building, training, testing, operations with a wide range of clients. Author or contributor to over 100 open source projects, member of Open Knowledge Labs, lecturer and facilitator for the School of Data, and director of - the Swiss chapter of Open Knowledge. Speaker at numerous conferences and experienced events organizer.

I'm the maintainer of dribdat - hosted on OpenCollective, it is the most widely used open source hackathon platform in Switzerland. Especially interested in pipelines and dashboards for participative governance of planning projects, bringing experience in Civic Tech and IT development with emphasis on health data.  

Further interests:

  • Software engineering / data architecture / evaluation / prototyping
  • Data science / migration / aggregation / visualization / analysis
  • Web / mobile / chatbots / optimization / content management
  • Coaching / crowdsourcing / community building / hackathons
  • Multimedia / virtual reality / gamification / electronic arts