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Autumn events and releases
Published on December 5, 2022 by loleg

Dribdat is more colourful, functional and secure than ever! We have added a number of improvements to the frontend and backend in v0.6.6 - a release dedicated to participants in the latest series of dribdat-powered hackathons - GLAMhack, #rejoha, DINAcon, as well as to the HSLU students who have been using dribdat in class - driving usability and usefulness of the platform. 

What's hot? 

Events can be assigned a gallery URL, a large image that is shown on the home page carousel of upcoming or featured events (above). The logo is still used to browse past events (below).

Hexagrid colours are based on progress, with a customizable palette. Trending projects, with a high score, are highlighted with a rocket ship icon to the side.

Thanks to Mozilla's PDF.js, you can upload a PDF to see it previewed directly on the project demo: no need for 3rd parties, Doc! 

Same thing for Data Packages: they are rendered with tiny boxes to preview the schema.
A better Dark Mode based on theme switching is even easier on the eyes.

What's else?

  • Featured events get a prominent display, with a mini hexagrid for at-a-glance challenge previews.
  • All upcoming events that are also featured are shown in a carousel on top.
  • When editing a project you are prompted to write a small "commit" log update.
  • Add support for Data Packages and CKAN datasets rendered inline.
  • Improved history page, with gallery photos and tidier layout.
  • Admins can edit events from the top menu, get navigation improvements.
  • Move GitHub and other embed code into easily managed "boxout" modules.
  • Simpler styles, e.g. the header link is on the event name only.
  • Users can toggle visibility of their own projects (bottom of Detail form).
  • Add history page for past events, only first are now shown on home page.
  • Add the event name to datapackage filename for easier exports.
  • Remove certificate from Project view (it is still in My Profile and Participants).
  • Gitea (via Codeberg) sync support.
  • Start events and import projects using the command line at
  • Search with a convenient popup on every page in the app.
  • Users can no longer set or change passwords with SSO enabled.
  • Trending projects with a high score get an extra hexagon icon.
  • Fix YouTube embed links when used for project demos.
  • Show the drib count at the top of a project page.
  • Link to appropriate stage in the progress indicator.
  • Project pages and home page slightly tweaked.
  • Minor improvements to admin project list.
  • Event admin buttons moved up alongside others.
  • Event report button is now visible to public.
  • "Drib up" instead of "Comment" a project.
  • "Open" instead of "Explore" a project's demo.
  • Admins can disable a user's SSO.

What is fixed?

  • Improvements to admin home screen, forms display and validation routines.
  • Resources links and area redesigned to use Stage screen consistently.
  • Projects in a Resources area have an appropriate back-link.
  • Macro refactoring and slight visual improvements to all headers.
  • Dark mode and About page fixes.
  • Optimised aggregation routines, updated libraries.
  • Library updates, refactoring, unit tests - the usual.


  • Requires a db upgrade ( is already part of managed deployments)
  • See additional Installation notes on #310
  • Full details on the GitHub release page