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Empowering linguistic diversity in newsrooms
Published on January 7, 2020 by loleg

Getting off to a fresh start in the new year by polishing off the dribdat codebase, a new release is available which incorporates feedback from our latest users: journalists from the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation who are organizing an event focusing on multilingual technologies and datasets next month. You can find out some background and register on the home page This and other upcoming events hosted on dribdat are listed at

Improvements in this latest Beta release include upgrades to various dependencies, a cleaner and safer deployment on Heroku, a refresh of the project page making it easier to un-join a project and making your team details more prominent, and a fix to the way projects are shared using the Open Graph protocol. There are plenty of other issues on GitHub where we could use some help.

This project is looking for additional maintainers and hosts. We will reach new grounds in 2020, establish new partnerships, and aim to be the best tool out there for open data hackathons. Additionally, we have a cool new logo for the project, and this OpenCollective is dedicated to the initiative going forward. So please contribute, join the conversation, and let's get our hacks on!