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Published on February 4, 2022 by Michelle Joseph

Recently, I was reminded that we can't judge how we are doing by looking for the finish line. Working in social services it's not about a completed job. Its about celebrating small accomplishments along the way. 

We've experienced some heartbreak with some of the people we were helping. One particular man that had been living out at Camp Haven and had been off drugs for a few months just relapsed. He had asked to come into Austin to spend the night with some friends and just never came back. We lost touch with him for about two months. Just 2 days ago I saw him. He doesn't look good and he's lost weight. He knows how to contact me when he wants to try again.

Paul and Melissa have been approved for an apartment and should be moving into it early next week. Paul has congestive heart failure and isn't long for this world. His housing was dealt with through Caritas where he was listed as a priority. They are two that have been in the hotel now for about 4 months. 

These two have made great strides to get clean and sober. They are both working on their health and doing the things that need to be done.I can't say enough how proud of them I am. We will celebrate when we get them moved!

Joseph has also been in the hotel. He begged me to get him into a hotel so that he could start working once again. I paid for two months and he has been able to do the rest. I'm encouraging him to seek him through AA or another form of alcoholic help. Its been baby steps but I have high hopes.

The work continues even though several people are no longer seen along the highways or underpasses. A lot of gone further into the woods, or along embankments, or other places. This makes it hard to get supplies to them but we haven't given up. The work continues.

The contributions you make go to hotels, first aid supplies, paying off tickets that make it hard to get identification, or birth certificates. We also purchase phone cards and even phones. These things are monumental for those on the street. They must be able to clean up and look presentable to look for jobs and the phones are a lifeline.

Its not easy to transition people from street living to semi-housed. Lots of fears and uncertainty are faced. That is where we help people get the mental health they need. Sometimes even taking them to appointments.

Drive by Howdy continues to operate solely on donations. 

We thank you for all your support! Together we can make a difference for today!

andrew malof

Posted on February 9, 2022

Such great work, thank you
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