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Urgent Need
Published on February 14, 2022 by Michelle Joseph

Paul and Melissa need help beyond just me having them in a hotel. Their case manager has been dropping the ball in regards to their housing. The case manager has been sick off and on for 2 weeks. Its been a hurry up and wait game.

We knew it would be like this. I had to contact the apartment where things have been approved. They needed one additional piece of information. Its a letter that i will be responsible for $2500 for the couple This will cover some expenses.

So, reaching out yet again for my friends! Paul has congestive heart disease. Melissa acts as his care taker. Plus they have "pappas" a 5 year old chihuahua. Pappas is their fierce little but mighty backup!

I will update on their situation. They found out that this place accepted their application I will update on their situation. They found out that this place accepted their application back early December. They were so ecstatic! Today the disability Paul applied for has once again been denied! They called me both in tears!

andrew malof

Posted on February 15, 2022

Can you be more explicit on what you're asking for and how to contribute?

Michelle Joseph

Posted on February 15, 2022

Sorry, yes. The apartment complex needed a letter of proof that "someone" would be able to support the couple at a minimum of $2,500 per year. That would just  be to cover expenses not already covered under the housing voucher. So, I just jumped in and sent the letter stating that we could or would do that. As of today the manager has said things are all rolling once again. I'm really hoping that this weekend we spend time moving this couple into the apartment. Whatever, funds I get in earmarked for the couple I intend to hold for them. The money currently in the DBH account has already been allocated elsewhere. 

If Caritas does get this letter to the apartment manager at some point the money I raise will go to other needs for them.

Thanks to everyone who help make this all work!