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DrupalCon Sponsorship Opportunities!
Published on March 21, 2019 by Fatima

We are so excited to see the Drupal community in Seattle! The Drupal Association is giving us a booth, but there are a few things we would like to continue doing this year, and for that we’ll need some financial help! Events like DrupalCon help us to further our mission, and any assistance is greatly appreciated!

Booth handouts / postcards

  • These postcards were a great success last year at DrupalCon and subsequent events, and as a result, we’ve run out!
  • A new printing will cost $85 + $40 shipping for 1000 postcards - 4” x 6” double sided gloss, in full color, and wrapped in bundles of 100 from 48hourprint using a 65% off postcards promotion with the code LOVEMYPC65. Total: $125

DDI Logo Stickers

  • We did a large printing of these last year and are out of them!
  • A new printing will cost $322 + $40 shipping for 2000 stickers - 2” x 2” die cut, white vinyl, with silk screen printing. Total: $362


  • We wind up shipping our supplies from place to place for these events, and while it’s cheaper than taking it on the plane, it still adds up, and we prefer not to pass that cost to our members!
  • $80 will cover shipping costs to and from DrupalCon Seattle.