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Technology stack as a library for developing semi-decentralized web applications

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v0.2.30 - alpha I'm happy to introduce DStack first alpha version 🎉 Some docs is not finished yet, but they are in progress:...
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Published on February 7, 2022 by Misha Marinenko


DStack was created to bring together some of the popular libraries/technologies for the decentralized web (like IPFS) into a single ecosystem to provide an easy way for developing decentralized web applications where your infrastructure is a single source of truth.

For example, you can use PubSub API to create real-time events client-side

or Shard API to share temporary/preview files or structured data between clients without the need to upload to your servers

For example, you can create a collaborative real-time WYSIWYG editor with file preview support where all events and file previews are handled without your server infrastructure.

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