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An art night with neurodiversity at the core


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Past event
02:30 PM-05:00 PM UTC
A sonic exploration on the personal, contextual and relational; embodied aspects of sound. Unders...Read more

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Past event
06:00 PM UTC
NEUROQUEER* creative event - a sensory collaboration of installation, film, performance and music...Read more

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Credit from Rachel Dickinson to E land ~ total sound

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E numbers seeks to create a space that is open to evolve and flex . It’s not about being perfect but about collaborating and inviting and seeing what happens and how we might expand our connections and understanding.

Experience ~ focus on expanding understanding and connections by experience / values not just been talked about but felt
Evolving ~ continual learning / flexing as we collaborate/connect
Experiment ~ open to new ideas / ideas forming
Encompassing ~ with neurodiversity at the core

The name E numbers comes from when I was a chaotic/wild kid and I wasn’t allowed to have anything with E numbers then you know…I find out I’m ADHD nothing to do with E numbers which apparently is bull shit anyways.

AND also E numbers are natural and found in carrots sooooo

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