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Highlight, amplify, and celebrate people, NGOs, and companies with a genuine focus on global environmental sustainability in and around Poneke


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EcoKiwi Magazine Poneke provides news, interviews, and product reviews to highlight, amplify, and celebrate people, NGOs, and companies with a genuine focus on global environmental sustainability in and around Poneke.

- George Orwell wrote “Journalism is printing something that someone does not want printed. Everything else is public relations.” EcoKiwi uses the democratizing power of the internet to provide a platform for people to see beyond the prevalent greenwash, to create and contribute to a new media era, and to join in the creation of an already forming new community ethos: doughnut economics and a capitalism beyond the crass commercialism and singleminded self-interested consumerism fed by mass media marketing paid for by multinational corporations.

Where is the media service to help promote the start up run by the genius idea created by a single mum in Ngaio who has a product that contributes directly to environmental sustainability, and yet also challenge her on potential negative effects when her company goes international in the near future? Where can op shops and fill-your-own-container stores share news of new product arrivals, farewell workers loved or lauded by the community, or celebrate milestones with a wider public? Where can a builder specializing in installing double glazed windows announce her services to the local populace most likely to be interested? Where can the people of the capital and new arrivals quickly and easily find a list of people, NGOs, and stores working for the good of the local and global environment to contribute to and support the furthering of such goals? Where can students and NGOs share information on their activities and meetings open to the wider public with a shared interest in the challenge of environmental sustainability beyond their immediate networks without paying exorbitant advertising fees or being subject to the intrusion of algorithm-based social networking sites?

EcoKiwi Magazine aims to contribute to the development of a community of local citizens who are genuinely excited by all the many initiatives already taking place in and around the capital city by offering a central clearing house of useful information and exciting ideas: a one-stop shop of news we can all use to help decide not just where to vote with each hard-earned dollar, but also where to spend our time on the weekend, whether planting or saving trees with the Conservation Volunteers NZ, or attending the Go Green festival or another event held at the Sustainability Trust or a local community hall.

Finally, EcoKiwi Magazine Poneke is also set up with the goal of providing a place to support and foster writers with a passion for the environment to gain publishing experience, to share their concerns, insights, and voices, and eventually to find someone to take over the running of this platform, ideally within the next 2-5 years.

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