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Edge Collective promotes technological sovereignty for communities living at ‘the edge’, including vulnerable cities, rural townships, farming communities, and islands.

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'Local-First' Monitoring System for Farming, Flooding, Ecology, and Research -- Version 0.1

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We're developing a Free and Open Source monitoring system for monitoring: - soil moisture and tem... Read more

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from Walt Ludwick4/20/2020


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Don Blair

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Walt Ludwick
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$500 USD

Cloud services are great, but Local-First is the way to go with our data (the "sense-able" approach preferred by smart ReFarmers ;-)

Parker Woodworth
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We facilitate workshops, trainings, and collaborative development focused on building locally-owned, resilient municipal and community infrastructure using an open, collaborative design process. Get in touch with us at: collaborate at edgecollective dot io! Recent projects include:

  • resilient communication systems
  • off-grid water monitoring (flood, drought, salinity)
  • retrofitting greenhouse control systems
  • capturing soil health data from remote farm fields

You can view all of our designs and code on github here.

Looking forward to collaborating!