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Edinburgh Climate Action Fund


Regenerate Edinburgh: Provide Bespoke consulting and training to Citizen-led grass roots projects


Vote for us and enable 5 community-led projects receive 6 months of training and support to become grass-roots leaders of eco-social regeneration, focussed on addressing climate change. 

Our ideal participant organisations will be citizen-led, voluntary or orgs with a social/ecological mission who are looking after the governance of the organisation or group. 

Participants will become founding members of our Regenerative Practitioner Guild (RPG).   This funding will enable us to include those most in need of support in our network from inception.

What is Regeneration?
Regeneration is the next step on from sustainability. Sustainability approaches argue for net zero so their focus is on reducing a problem, i.e. carbon.  With the regenerative approach we start from potential.  By starting from potential rather than from problem we can deliver outcomes that support the health of the whole system. Together we can raise the aspiration to become not only a net positive carbon sink but enable a genuine Just Transition to a participative, non-destructive future in which we know how to care for humans and the natural systems together. 

We believe that investing in the leadership development of the courageous citizens who are working at the frontline in our communities is absolutely essential.  Our mission is to provide learning environments in which that development can occur. The thinking skills behind this approach are best learnt and integrated via ‘on the job’ training.  If you know a person or project who would benefit, email us, and them and get all interested parties to vote in full force!

By the end of the training (over 6 months) participants will have a clear, practical and bespoke approach to the challenge of Climate and Ecological Emergency that serves to strengthen the essence of who they already are.  This could include a ‘Friends of’ group stewarding a green space, a community council, or a youth-led music initiative, for instance.  As long as the commitment to addressing climate change is there we can work with any project, perhaps even one you are involved in!

Through 3 full days of workshops plus online calls we will support teams to identify the essence of their project and the deepest sources of motivation and potential that can enable the project to increase its impact and effectiveness in the community.

Through this process the participants will become founding members of our ongoing network of regenerative practitioners, who can share their knowledge and insights with future cohorts.  Within 5 years we want every neighbourhood of the city to have projects within it using this level of system thinking as this will lead to the level of cross sector and cross community collaboration that is actually needed for the city to address the root causes of Climate and Ecological Emergency and become a better place to live in the process.

The funding will cover the cost of the training including venues and materials and enables us to reach groups who are most in need, irrespective of their financial capacity.

The network that is being created will continue to deliver value for the foreseeable future. Vote now. Join our network. Let’s Regenerate Edinburgh, Together! 


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