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Open Collective
18000 stars 🤩 and the new update.
Published on February 8, 2022 by Peter Savchenko

Hi there! We're celebrating reaching of 18k stars on GitHub releasing the new 2.23 version. There are bunch of updates.
  • ImprovementEditorConfig — The `onChange` callback now accepts two arguments: EditorJS API and the CustomEvent with `type` and `detail` allowing to determine what happened with a Block
  • NewBlock API — The new `dispatchChange()` method allows to manually trigger the 'onChange' callback. Useful when Tool made a state mutation that is invisible for editor core.
  • ImprovementUI — Block Tunes toggler moved left
  • ImprovementUI — Block Actions (BT toggler + Plus Button) will appear on block hovering instead of click
  • ImprovementUI — Block Tunes toggler icon and Plus button icon updated
  • ImprovementDev Example Page — The menu with helpful buttons added to the bottom of the screen
  • ImprovementDev Example Page — The 'dark' theme added. Now we can code at night more comfortably.
  • ImprovementRectangle Selection — paint optimized
  • FixRectangle Selection — the first click after RS was not clear selection state. Now does.
  • ImprovementBlocks API — toolbar moving logic removed from `blocks.move()` and `blocks.swap()` methods. Instead, you should use Toolbar API (it was used by MoveUp and MoveDown tunes, they were updated).
  • NewBlocks API — The `getBlockIndex()` method added
  • NewBlocks API — the `insert()` method now has the `replace: boolean` parameter
  • NewBlocks API —  the `insert()` method now returns the inserted `Block API`
  • NewListeners API — the `on()` method now returns the listener id.
  • NewListeners API — the new `offById()` method added
  • NewAPI — The new `UiApi` section was added. It allows accessing some editor UI nodes and methods.
  • Refactoring — Toolbox became a standalone class instead of a Module. It can be accessed only through the Toolbar module.
  • Refactoring — CI flow optimized.
  • Fix - Recognize async `onPaste` handlers in tools #1803.
  • Fix — Fire onChange event for native inputs #1750 
And also, we added the Roadmap section to our Readme. There are some big tasks we're already working on.