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Hey to all our supporters! It’s time to tell you about our news. The Editor.js 2.26 has been released with a bunch of cool updates. Block Tunes became vertical · Following the Toolbox that became vertical in 2.24, the last...
Hi! The new update was shipped and here is some news from us. Multiple Toolbox Items · The last update includes a cool improvement of the Tools API. Now you can display several different variants of the single Tool in the T...
Toolbox became vertical
Published on May 3, 2022 by Peter Savchenko
Hi there. The 2.24 version has been released. It inlcudes several updates, most important is the new Toolbox look and feel. Try it now! It is the second iteration of the upcoming feature called Unified Toolbox. See the...
Hi there! We're celebrating reaching of 18k stars on GitHub releasing the new 2.23 version. There are bunch of updates.ImprovementEditor...
15000 stars, version 2.20
Published on April 10, 2021 by Peter Savchenko
Editor.js has reached over 15k stars 🤩 We thank you all! Have celebrated it by releasing the 2.20 version — meet the new long-awaited Block Tunes API. Similar with Tools represented Blocks, you can create Block Tunes and connect it to part...
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