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Eleutherios is a global cooperative forum or new way for people or businesses to cooperate or serve one another online.


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Eleutherios is a platform that lets people or businesseses serve one another at scale via the internet. It does this by giving end users the ability to create a forum or request that can scale horizontally, i.e. contain indefinite number of a sub-forums or sub-requests.

For example, a person might register with Eleutherios and create a public forum or request for some food. A dietitian, could register themselves in that same forum or request as a service, and create several sub-forums or sub-requests for a fruit service, vegetable service and a dry food's service. These services, could in turn create sub-forums or sub-requests of their own. Each service, self-managing or being responsible for their own forums or requests, whilst helping to serve or self-manage the entire forum or request.

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