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Elevated Minds - The IDENTITY Project

Coaching programmes to help young people to improve their emotional intelligence which has an impact on their attainment in education and aspirations


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We envisions a world where young people and their families are equipped and empowered to know who they are, identify their purpose and raise their aspirations.

Safeguarding Policy for Elevated Minds:

The purpose of this policy is to protect children, young people, and vulnerable adults using the services of Elevated Minds from harm. It provides staff, volunteers, and service users with the principles guiding our approach to child protection.

This policy applies to anyone working with or on behalf of Elevated Minds, including senior managers, board members, paid staff, volunteers, sessional workers, agency staff, and students. It is mandatory and failure to comply may lead to dismissal/exclusion from the organisation.

Measures to Keep People Safe:

Child Protection:
  • All individuals must have a positive and safe experience during coaching and training sessions.
  • Steps will be taken to protect individuals from abuse while participating in our activities.
  • Vulnerable individuals will receive appropriate care and support to ensure their welfare
Safe Recruitment:
  • All staff and volunteers working with children, young people, and vulnerable adults must undergo an enhanced DBS check before commencing work.
  • Safe recruitment procedures will apply to individuals having regular contact with these groups.
Induction and Training:
  • All staff and volunteers will receive training on Safeguarding Children and Young People.
  • Good Practice Guidelines will be provided to ensure a safe and respectful environment for all individuals.
Reporting and Responding to Incidents:
  • Any allegations or incidents of abuse will be treated seriously and reported immediately to the designated Safeguarding officer.
  • Detailed records of all safeguarding concerns will be maintained securely.
Digital Safeguarding:
  • A separate Digital Safeguarding Policy is in place, applicable to all working with Elevated Minds.

How to Respond to a Disclosure:
  • Respond to disclosures seriously and sensitively.
  • Reassure the individual and inform them of the appropriate actions that will be taken.
  • Record all information accurately and report it to the designated Safeguarding officer.

Reporting Procedures:
  • Any safeguarding concerns must be reported promptly to the designated Safeguarding officer.
  • The designated officer will use appropriate reporting systems, such as Local Authorities Children's Social Care or the police.

This policy is reviewed annually to ensure compliance with statutory responsibilities and best practices.

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