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Who am I?

Currently the Community Manager of Lollipop Cloud, I've been around (and nurturing) online communities since very young. I got a degree in Anthropology, but soon came back to the Internet, which is where I thrive. Writing and Photography are some of my interests, besides Open-Source and Accessibility.

I'm also a Moderator/Admin of some communities & projects on the Fediverse. A few of them are:

  • #WeAreNameless - a monthly community project on Fedi where Hackers & their friends watch old sci-fi cyberpunk movies.

I do all this while being disabled and chronically ill. Time is precious. I spend mine in these activities and projects because I believe in them, and they bring me joy. Below are some of my past experiences that have made me who I am today, and ultimately helped me develop and hone the skills I most apply when I'm working with Communities online:

cuddli, Inc.

Volunteer Social Media Manager & Copywriter - 2017-2018

For almost two years, I created content for, and managed the Social Media of the leading (until Dec. 2018) dating app for geeks, Cuddli. Unfortunately, the app is now defunct due to failed funding, despite the great community that it gathered around it.


Atelier Eloísa 3

Volunteer Social Media Manager & Copywriter - 2014 – 2018

I created a digital marketing strategy for a small arts&crafts store, which, coincidentally, is also my family's business.

  • The strategy encompassed the use of social media combined with a business website that is now deprecated. I created content for the site, blog and the networks in usage at the time. I also kept a line of communication between clients and the store manager besides increasing its digital visibility and sales offline.


2011-2012 - Alpha-tester

During almost a year, I was part of the Community Relations informal group where I integrated the volunteer copy-writing team and the volunteer welcoming committee (before we got a wiki).

  • Besides alpha-testing it, I was also giving feedback regarding its accessibility and design.


2011 - Volunteer Social Media Administrator

During five months, I was responsible for the photography, podcast and online communications of the Milplanaltos project, whose social networks accounts were setup and managed by me during its initial stage until it found some funding. I kept close to the project as a collaborator until its sunset.

  • You can see the archives at:

deviantART, Inc.

2008-2009 - Volunteer Gallery Moderator of the Photojournalism Gallery

  • Just like in the previous year, I was working through the Community Relations team, being a bridge between the core admins and deviantART's users. My main functions were the same as before (minus helpdesk), only geared towards the Photojournalism community.

2007-2008 - Volunteer Gallery Director of the Artistic Nudes Gallery

  • I was integrated in the Community Relations team, whose main concern was to provide a channel of communication between the core admins and the users of deviantART.

My main functions were to:

  • inform;
  • educate;
  • support and represent the Artistic Nude community;
  • curating the gallery and working at the helpdesk.


2016 - Certificate of Pedagogic Aptitude for Training

  • 90 hours of intensive learning about recent and approved pedagogic methods to be applied in the context of education and workshops, including e-Learning.

2015 - E-marketing Strategies

  • 50 hours of learning about the different and recent E-marketing strategies being used, within a practical framework.

2015 - Entrepreneurship & Project Management

  • 100 hours of learning about Personal Communication and Assertiveness; Ideas and Business Opportunities (including SWOT and CANVAS), and Project Management among other topics.

2004-2009 - Licentiate degree in Anthropology, in the University of Coimbra, Portugal

Main extra-curricular activities:

  • Co-editor of the zine "Notas de Campo";
  • Collaborated in the production of a performance event (MOVE-ON) at the Teatro Académico Gil Vicente (TAGV);
  • Co-organization of a movie theater cycle at TAGV;
  • Photojournalism > Events > Plays;
  • Co-organization of a movie theater cycle at Ateneu de Coimbra;
  • Organization of a collective photographic exhibition at Ateneu de Coimbra.