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Emily Mendez

Award Winning Technologist & Human at Heart: Innovation. Integrity. Impact.

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Award Winning Technologist & Human at Heart: Innovation. Integrity. Impact.

Emily Mendez is an interdisciplinary scholar and award-winning evolutionary technologist known for her industry specialties: Economics, Computer Science, Information Systems, & Business Leadership as applied to Artificial Intelligence and Financial Technologies.

She is formally recognized as a global advocate for minority communities, women in technology, and Open Source innovation programs across the United States. Emily’s primary accomplishments range in uniquely progressive endeavors, most recently as developing software technologies that service utility tokens and cyber security infrastructures for community organizations and investment firms in the Northern Alabama area.

Her past achievements include successfully crafting a team-based solution for uploading a secure transmission of the Human DNA sequence to a hybrid blockchain at the leading center for biotechnology and genomics research, known as the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology, as well as writing publications at MIT Press & Media Labs in the journals of Design and Science.

Emily studied at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in pursuit of her Bachelor’s in Economics and Information Systems with Responsible Conduct of Research, earned the Statement of Accomplishment with Distinction at Stanford University as well as awarded the Google Developer Nanodegree Scholarship for Mobile Web Specialty through independent study.

Emily's professional decree in software architecture, systems automation, and executive strategic planning is featured in thriving STEAM oriented communities, such as Women Who Code, Urban Engine Ambassadors, NodeSource repositories, and TEDx chapters.