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Encampment Medical Team

Medical students addressing the health needs of Sacramento’s unhoused population.


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The Encampment Medical Team is a collaboration of medical students from California Northstate University and UC Davis, coming together to address the health needs of Sacramento’s unhoused population in encampments. Our volunteers were sworn in as Sacramento County Disaster Service Workers, and are partnering with SacSOUP, Sac County EMS, and the Dept. of Public Health at encampment sites to educate on COVID-19 prevention, conduct screenings, triage cases, and provide necessary care and supplies. 
Goals and Priorities: 
  1. Training designated encampment residents to be their community’s health leader, and serve as the point person in communication with the Encampment Medical Team.
  2. Educating on how COVID-19 spreads, and the practices that best prevent this. 
  3. COVID-19 symptom screening and triage. 
  4. Collecting data to track COVID-19 spread, as well as determine which individuals are at “high risk” and need to be prioritized for placement in temporary state-granted housing. 
  5. Directly providing low acuity care, such as wound dressings and over-the-counter medications, as well as connecting encampment members with further care via mobile health care units and telemedicine consultations. 
  6. Identifying and addressing public health needs, including advocating for installation of hygiene units such as portable toilets and handwashing stations in strategic locations. 
  7. Working to build a social media presence to increase community awareness and engagement.

Instagram: @encampmentmedteam
Twitter: @encampmentmed

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