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New content published: "Atomic Habits - book review" and multiple Java versions in Maven Jenkins Pipeline video

This week two new updates from e.printstacktrace.blog and YouTube channel:"Atomic Habits - book review" - https://e.printstacktrace.blog/atomic-habits-bo...
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Published on June 5, 2020 by Szymon Stępniak


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Hi there!

My name is Szymon Stepniak, and I am a software developer and content creator. I post regularly at e.printstacktrace.blog, and I publish programming related videos on my YouTube channel. I hate annoying ads and popups, which make the overall user experience much worse. That is why I decided to use a different form of my blog's and YouTube channel's monetization. I strongly believe that high-quality and ads-free content can attract people that want to support such an approach. If you find my blog posts or YouTube videos valuable, consider supporting me as a content creator if you can afford that. I love sharing my knowledge with other people and helping them in solving real problems. Delivering high-quality content became my biggest passion, and I want to put as much time and effort as possible. I will be grateful for any kind of support in this long journey.

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