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Ergodicity Masterclass

Discover how you can make your money work even better, have better capital preservation, and net positive impact, in unpredictable times. Led by the authors of the book Ergodic Investor & Entrepreneur, Graham Boyd and Jack Reardon.

Tuesday, October 3, 2023, 6:00 PM - Tuesday, October 31, 2023, 7:30 PM (UTC+02:00)
Created by: Ergodic Investor
Fiscal Host: Evolutesix


Gather alpha: making unpredictability work for you

There is a far better way to invest and run businesses in times of rapid change. In fact, the more VUCA the business context is, the more an ergodic strategy outperforms conventional investment theses. 
Ergodic design is an unknown driver of the success of companies like Apple, Unilever, or the Japanese Keiretsu. You can start using it in your investments or startups now; and it is a must to get circular, net positive, regenerative etc. business to thrive.
The underlying issue that we solve: the true dynamics of business are different to the underlying assumptions hidden in today's portfolio and business theories.  
At Evolutesix, we have identified this issue and developed a solution that you can implement.  
To stepchange your investment or business performance, watch this video, read the book, and / or attend this masterclass.

Masterclass programme modules

Week 1: Capital Dynamics in an unpredictable world

What you’ve been taught about how capital grows is wrong. A useful business plan must be based on capital growth processes being multiplicative, and where the order matters. If not, you’re using the irrationally optimistic statistics in building the business plans you’re using to make investment decisions, start your business, or even plan your personal future.

Week 2: Ergodic Strategy

The ergodicity-blind responses that businesses and investors default to, when the gap between our actual non-ergodic world and business plan predictions shows up, cause more problems than they solve. In this module you’ll be introduced to a practical strategy harnessing non-ergodic capital growth, one that works better the more volatile your business context is. (Do you expect the future to be more or less volatile than the past?)

Week 3: Mathematical Deep Dive

How to calculate business plans, and take investment decisions, using real-world statistics. Here we'll dive into the equations that actually describe real-world capital growth processes. You’ll see why business today holds capital like a colander holds water, and what you can do to plug the holes your capital leaks through.

Week 4: Building Ergodically

Bigger is better and the smallest thrive best. Learn how to best execute ergodic strategies by building diverse businesses of widely different sizes, connected together into large fractional profit pooling ecosystems. You’ll learn about the minimum functionality needed, including the key question of governance.

Week 5: Bonus module: Apply this to your life!

Ergodic strategies need ergodicity-minded and capable people. Harness the power of unpredictables in your life by applying this to all of your capitals. Financial, of course. But also your self esteem, relationship, social, intellectual, knowledge, and all the other capitals that you value.

What you get

1. 4+1 x 90 mins interactive workshop format (Virtual & Live) over 5 weeks
2. Copy of the newly-released book The Ergodic Investor & Entrepreneur
3. Understand the systemic reasons your investment portfolios can perform better.
4. Learn about the correct equations to deliver valid business plans (i.e., don’t assume ergodicity when the world isn’t).
5. Learn how to best execute the strategy by connecting an array of diverse businesses and ecosystems into a fractional profit-pooling ecosystem.
6. In the bonus week, learn what this means for your life!

 Who this workshop is for:
Investors in general, and especially angels, VCs, venture philanthropists, impact investors, net positive investors, family offices with a long-term view.
  • Limited to 8 individuals per cohort.
  • If you'd like to register with a colleague, contact us here and get a 10% discount.

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