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Eriol Fox

Designer, UI & UX, Illustrator, Code student, Nonbinary (They/Them), Queer, Feminist, Science-y, Gamer, Vegan(ish), volunteering humanist.

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Eriol Does Design

A lead designer with 10+ years of corporate and NGO experience. Worked internationally across borders on some of the toughest problems facing the planet including Crisis Response, Democracy and Human Rights. Involved and dedicated to Open Source and Free software.

Looking to solve complex problems leveraging humanitarian-centred design, help organisations stay problem-solving centred, build cross-functional empathy within teams and embed design research practice rationale in products and services.

Leading design teams since 2016. Active community mentor.

Worked in Lean, agile and remote environments where collaboration is key to product success. Perceptive, organised and detailed. Great at sketching, wireframing and rapid prototyping. Can take a product through ideation to completion.

Skilled at managing stakeholders, clients and communicating design needs and scoping development.

A published writer, speaker at tech and design conferences both locally and internationally.

Background in Visual Design, Psychology, HCI and community development.

Eriol has spent more time being an 'all-rounder' in a design function but is most happy when working as part of a team of designers, developers, specialists and product folks.

Eriol is passionate about D&I and actively works to make tech and design more inclusive through their talk 'Diversity in Design' (

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