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November 2019 Funding Update
Published on November 9, 2019 by Nicholas C. Zakas

Back in February, we announced the creation of the ESLint Collective to raise funds for the ongoing maintenance and development of ESLint. Our goal was to raise $20,000 each month to support the project, and since then, we’ve been grateful for contributions from nearly 150 companies, projects, and individuals towards that goal.

We are happy to share that we are currently sponsored at just under $10,000 per month, almost 50% of our goal! At this level, we’ve been able to start paying team members for their time (more about this below), ensuring ESLint gets the ongoing support it needs.

How we’ve used the money

As mentioned above, the most exciting thing we’ve been able to do with the money you’ve donated is pay a team member to work on ESLint part-time. Kai Cataldo has been involved with ESLint for several years and for the past two months has been working part-time on ESLint. Having Kai consistently working on the project has meant faster response times to issues and pull requests, and better coordination across the team. Here’s what Kai said about this experience:

As a long-time maintainer of ESLint, I’m both humbled and grateful to be able to be paid to work on the project. Instead of eking out a few minutes between other activities, it has allowed me to carve out blocks of time to dedicate to consistent, focused work. In practical terms, it has allowed me to better prioritize the time I spend on the project, and I’ve been able to be more active, from finding more time to write code, to reviewing pull requests, to managing bug reports and feature requests from the community. So much of the software we use every day relies on projects like ESLint to deliver value and improve our lives, and the resources we spend on these projects have an enormous ripple effect. Money certainly isn’t everything, but there is a big difference between volunteer work and a job, and investment from the community has in turn allowed me to invest more focused time and energy into ESLint. – Kai Cataldo, ESLint team member

Our hope is that as we continue raising money, we will be able to bring on at least one more part-time maintainer to keep the ESLint project running smoothly.

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