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Create a meta-nexus for all Virtual Beings to connect to every platform and 3D worlds.


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Digital Being is a software that connects AI agents with a range of IM and VR software, making their deployment easier. You pick a bot, fill the account data and you're able to converse with a bot using SMS, Twitter or other social media.

Digital Being is written in Typescript and Python. Typescript is used for the clients of most known social networks, as well as XR-Engine, a 3D metaverse architecture. A layer that connects the AI agents is called the server, and is written in Python.

Digital Being supports:

The Client is using either the API for connecting to the different services like Discord, Messenger, etc, or Puppeteer for emulating the browser to connect to the XR-Engine and Zoom.

Out of the box, the server supports these AI bots:

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