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Published on March 30, 2021 by Evanston Fight for Black Lives

Hello all! We are happy to announce that we are using this site, Open Collective, for all of our fundraising efforts from here on out. Prior to OC we were using Venmo, which wasn't sustainable or transparent enough. Now on OC all the money that has been raised will be visible to everyone, and donations can be made directly on this site. When you donate here you get perks like your donations being tax deductible, seeing other donors, and being able to set up recurrent donations.

Open Collective is a better move for EFBL specifically since we are a grassroots community organization that isn't a 501(c)3 or LLC. Now, Open Collective Foundation is our 501(c)3 fiscal host that carries the tax burdens and the legal side of things. You can still donate to our Venmo, but we will immediately transfer it to this platform, so we prefer taking donations here.

Also, on this site we are now able to be even more accountable and transparent with you, our community. You can see exactly how much money has been raised, and exactly what it is going towards. Because this is not our money, this is the community's money. We are just the vehicle for getting this money to life-affirming resources and initiatives. 

Please let us know if you have any questions, we can be reached through our email: [email protected]
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